OJ Medtech Now Offers Supportive Bras Post-Surgery & Breast Prosthesis

Having a mastectomy or breast reconstruction surgery is a mentally and physically emotional recovery process. The emotional process may take longer to recover from over the physical healing process. After surgery, you may have pain and discomfort. When approved by your physician, a compression bra can help with your pain.

Compression bras are an important component in the recovery from mastectomies and breast augmentation. The supportive bra gives comfort, support, and helps manage the edema that may occur after surgery. Post-surgical compression bras also increase blood circulation to the area, holds your surgical dressings in place, and reduces the fluid buildup after surgery. Also, wearing a post-surgery bra can give you confidence about your appearance. Moreover, for mastectomy patients, they help you look completely natural without the need for breast implants.

At OJ Medtech, we are pleased to offer a complete line of post-surgical bras, post-surgical compression bras, and breast prosthesis to aid in your recovery process. With many bras to choose from, our customer service team can help you choose the right one to aid in your healing process, as well as, look and feel your best during recovery.