At OJ Medtech, we carry collagens, calcium alginates, hydrogels, foams, adaptic and superabsorbers to help you recover from a wound injury and get you back to health.

Below is a list of wound care products* that OJ Medtech, Inc. carries. If you need a product that is not listed below please contact our customer service team at 888-414-9737 or 631-666-5000.

*Please note that not all products are covered by all insurance carriers


Collagen based wound dressings provide you with a natural scaffold to stimulate new tissue growth. They give relief for minor to extensive wounds from a wide variety of injuries.

  • Wound of partial and full thickness
  • Minimal to heavy exudate wounds
  • Second-degree burns
  • Necrotic or granulating wounds
  • Chronic non-healing wounds

Medicare Requires Small – Large Drainage

  • Fibracol
  • Promogran
  • Prisma – collagen with Silver
  • Skin Temp
  • Endoform Dermal Template 2×2


Calcium Alginates

Calcium alginates are derived from seaweed which limits wound secretions and minimizes bacterial contamination. They come in plain or with silver added to decrease your risk of infection.

  • Full thickness wounds with moderate to large drainage
  • Heavily bleeding wounds (calcium helps slow bleeding)
  • Venous, diabetic, trauma, surgical wounds
  • Pressure wounds
Calcium Alginate Products
Medicare Requires Moderate – Large Drainage
  • ExcelGinate®
  • Eclypse Adherent
  • Eclypse Adherent Sacral
  • Kerracel 2×2
  • KerraMax Care™ 4×4
  • CalciCare


Silver Calcium Alginate Products
Medicare Requires Moderate – Large Drainage
  • ExcelGinate® AG
  • SILVERCEL™ (also non-adherent)
  • Supreme Ag
  • CalciCare™ AG


Hydrogel (hydrated polymer) dressings, contain 90% water in a gel base, which helps regulate fluid exchange from the wound surface. The high water content of hydrogel dressings cools your wound, giving you many hours of pain relief. When you change your dressing discomfort is also reduced because hydrogels don’t adhere to your wound surface.

Hydrogel Dressing Products

  • Hydrogel Gauze
  • Restore GEL
  • Medihoney Hydrogel

Silver Hydrogel Dressing Products

  • SilverMed™ Amorphous Hydrogel



Foam dressings create a sterile moist environment needed to heal your wound. They are nonadherent and nonlinting and foam dressings allow water vapor to enter but keep out bacteria and other contaminants. Because foam dressings do not adhere to your wound, they are easy to apply and remove and can be used under compression, as well as, on infected wounds.

Foam Dressing Products

Medicare Only Allows Every 3 Day (Q3d)
  • MPM Foam
  • PolyMem
  • PolyMem Silver
  • Hydrofera Blue
  • Hydrofera Blue Ready 4X5
  • Mepilex Lite
  • Mepilex
  • Mepilex Border
  • Xtrasorb® Foam
  • Advantis Advazorb Heel
  • KerraFoam™ Gentle Border
  • Restore with Silicone
  • Tielle™ Adhesive