Dressings and tape are used to speed your healing process. At OJ Medtech, we have several options for your wound dressing, gauze and tape needs to manage any partial and full-thickness wounds you may have.

Specialty Absorptive Dressings

Specialty absorptive wound dressings are made of a highly absorbent fiber layer to help you manage partial and full-thickness wounds.
  • Combine Pads
  • KerraMax


OJ Medtech carries different types of tape for sensitive skin to tapes with stronger adhesion for additional securement to allow for your joints to be dressed without constraining your movement.
  • Paper Tape
  • Silk Tape
  • Plastic Tape
  • Hypafix Tape
  • Dyna-Fix Tape

Antimicrobial (AMD) Roll Gauze

OJ Medtech has a large supply of gauze pads, specialty absorptive pads, rolls, sponges and packing strips to help speed the healing process and protect your wound.

Impregnated Gauze Pads

  • Xeroform

Sterile Gauze

  • Telfa™ Non-Adherent

Roll Gauzes

  • Bioguard® AMD
  • Stretch Roll Gauze, 2inch & 4inch
  • KerlixTM
  • Unna Boots
  • Setopress®
  • SurePress®

Packing Strips

  • Plain Packing Strips
  • Iodoform

Specialty Absorptive

  • ABD Pads
  • KerraMax


  • MEDIHONEY® Gel,5 oz.
  • Duoderm
  • Comfeel®